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The NEREFO Philosophy

Our Philosophy and Objectives can be presented in the NEREFO Tree of Life.

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The Roots

The roots of the tree present the problems we are dealing with and the reason why we started the organization. Those problems are: poverty of the community, discrimination among community members, chronical diseases like TB or HIV and the isolation of orphans after the death of their parents. Our work is based on fighting these problems. 

Ground Level

The ground level represents our present state and what we are doing: homebased care for chronically ill patients, support of Most Vulnerable Children (MVCs) and Street Children, trainings regarding health education and HIV/TB awareness.

The Trunk

Fighting the problems mentioned above requires certain abilities and skills. Among these abilities are facilitation skills, counseling skills, fundraising and advocacy skills which have to be obtained in order to properly fight the mentioned problems. 

The Branches

By applying these skills to our problems we are improving. The branches show what we are expecting in the future: reduction of HIV by reducing new infections, self reliance among the people we are working with and the reduction of poverty.

The Leaves

The leaves represent what we must recognize and never forget: The help and work of our donors, founders, staff members, the government, doctors, nurses, parents, caretakers, guardians and friends. Without their support we would not be able to succeed.

The Fruits

The fruits represent what we can reap in the end: We gain education for our beneficiaries, we are networking and we gain support, friends as well as advice.

The Parasite

Finally, this one shows the challenges we have to encounter in our work: Stigmatization of chronically ill people, mistreatment and insufficient support by the community. Our objective is to fight these challenges.

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