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Health Education


is providing Health Education to the community in order to alleviate and prevent the spreading of deadly diseases like HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. Health Education is conducted by means of monthly meetings, household visits and seminaries. Some of the key objectives of Health Education are:

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is responsible for over 60.000 deaths in Tanzania every year. Hence it has to be recognized as one of the major epidemics in this country. Our objective is to inform people about the risks of this deadly disease and what they can do to protect themselves.

During our Health Education Trainings we teach people in proper usage of mosquito nets, residual spraying and behavior in case of infection. We inform our clients in case of raised Malaria risk, for example after heavy rainfalls.

HIV Prevention

HIV/Aids is considered one of the biggest problems for public health, especially in African countries. HIV Prevention is a part of our Health Education Training. We inform our clients about our VCT activities and give information on the disease as well as proper care of dead bodies. They are also referred to government hospital for proper/advanced care and treatment.

Referral processes

After being tested with HIV or aids you are to give the form for referral. Then a member of NEREFO will take the patient to the government hospital. After that a file is opened and the process of medication will be started. The medical staff will check the so-called CD4 count. CD4 are the cells, which help your body to defend against diseases. If the CD4 count of the patient is below 350, they will start a treatment with anti-retro viral drug. If it is above 350, they will teach the patient how to use medicine, for example how to use drugs against opportunistic infections.

In the next time we are making a follow up to make sure the patient is taking the medicine regularly. The patients are taught to maintain body hygiene and we encourage them to attend the hospital regularly.

Instruction to proper care of dead bodies

We teach people, how they can handle dead bodies before burying them to avoid being infected from the dead bodies of their relatives.

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